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Family Real Estate Lawsuits

July 2, 2019

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Can Make A Big Difference Real estate litigation in Los Angeles is already a highly tendentious process. But when the lawsuit is between family members, the litigation process gets even more personal and acrimonious. Below are some examples of family lawsuits …

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Victory In The Court of Appeal

In this issue: Victory In The Court of Appeal; What do we do?; and Helping Cilents…

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When Tenants Go Bad…

In this issue: Letter from Laine T. Wagenseller; and When Tenants Go Bad…

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Conquering Your Fears of Investing

In this issue: Conquering Your Fears of Investing; What’s New At Wagenseller Law Firm; and Real Estate Development from Beginning to End in California

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Fall 2008 Newsletter

Inside this issue: Expert Witnesses: Striking a Late Designation; Are You Working On Your Business?; Leases: Top 5 Questions When Leasing Commercial Space; Message from Laine Wagenseller…; In The Works: Case We Are Working On; Tell A Good Story: How To Win A Trial; News and Happenings

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In Turmoil There Is Opportunity

In this issue: In Turmoil There Is Opportunity; and Powered By A Big Why

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