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Winter 2018 Newsletter

October 17, 2018

In This Issue: 2018: Our Most Recent Trial; Easements: What Do You Need To Know?; Message from Laine T. Wagenseller; News and Happenings….

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

In This Issue: 2018: Nondisclosure of Defects in Property; What Do We Do?; Message from Laine T. Wagenseller; News and Happenings….

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Winter 2016 Newsletter

In This Issue: 2016: Partnership Lawsuits: Duties; Experience: Trials, Arbitrations, Appeals; God’s Inexhaustible Love; Message from Laine T. Wagenseller; Insight Into a Winter Coach Pat Summit

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

In This Issue: 2016: Our Speciality: Real Estate Litigation; In the Works: What We Are Working On, Travels in Spain and London; Message from Laine T. Wagenseller; Develop and Follow Your Priorities

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What Types of Oral Contracts are Enforceable in California?

August 2018

There is a widespread misunderstanding that a contract must be “in writing” for it to actually be a contract which can be enforced. To be sure, “get it in writing” is often good advice as a document signed by both parties to a contract is …

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Are Liquidated Damages Clause Enforceable in CA Commercial Real Estate Contracts?

July 2018

“Liquidated damages” may sound like the name of a long-lost Nirvana b-side, but instead they refer to clauses often buried towards the end of a long contract which purport to state what financial compensation one party must pay another in the event of the breach …

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What Is the Liability of a Limited Partner in California?

July 2018

The difference between a general partner and a limited partner in California partnership comes down to two primary questions: 1) What is your right to control the company?; and 2) What is your liability for the company’s debts and obligations? The answer to the first …

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