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Wagenseller Law Firm strives to be the preeminent real estate law firm in Los Angeles. Your property and your real estate projects involve too much money and too much risk to engage a law firm that does not specialize in real estate law and transactions. The attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have years of experience in all types of real estate transactions.

We have helped our real estate developer, real estate investor and real estate owner clients with all facets of their real estate business, including the drafting and/or review of purchase and sale transactions, options to purchase, commercial leases, loan modifications and other contracts.

Most business disputes can be avoided or at least minimized with good planning and an effective strategy. While no one looks forward to spending money on a lawyer, the money spent in having an attorney review real estate contracts, analyze deals, counsel in decision making or review potential problems before they become a problem can often end up saving you money in the long term. Wagenseller Law Firm and its real estate lawyers can assist you in drafting agreements and formulating strategy in a cost-effective manner to help avoid potential litigation.

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