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When you are facing a partnership lawsuit or a corporate shareholder lawsuit, look for trial lawyers who have the requisite experience to properly handle your legal dispute. The lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm have extensive experience in partnership and shareholder litigation in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Los Angeles Partnership Litigation Lawyers

One of the most frequent lawsuits relating to both real estate and businesses (and one of the most hotly contested) is partnership litigation. Partnership litigation (which includes business partners, co-owners and family members) fighting over a company or a property can be both very emotional and legally complicated. Our attorneys have handled numerous partnership lawsuits and disputes, including real estate partnerships and business partnerships.

For real estate partnerships, our attorneys have represented partnerships and individual partners in legal fights over commercial warehouses, real estate companies, residential income properties, and real estate developments, among others.

In a recent case we represented a real estate developer in a lawsuit by an investor relating to the development of a 57-unit townhome development. The Limited Liability Company investor alleged thirteen causes of action in its complaint, including Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Breach of the Duty of Loyalty, Negligent Misrepresentation and Constructive Fraud.* We quickly challenged the complaint (by demurrer), made a motion to the court to require the plaintiff to post a bond and put pressure on the plaintiff. The plaintiff dismissed the complaint at the early stages of the litigation.

Our lawyers have also handled partnership lawsuits between property owners (including property owned by family members), individual partners in a ground-up residential property development, a corporate investor and the developer in a hotel development, and general partners in a multi-tenant commercial warehouse development.

If you are facing a dispute with a partner, co-owner or investor in real property (whether it is in litigation yet or not), our partnership litigation lawyers can help you resolve your dispute and represent your interests. You need results and our experienced lawyers can get them for you.

Los Angeles Shareholder Litigation Lawyers

If you are involved in a corporate shareholder lawsuit, you need lawyers with knowledge of California’s Corporations Code and experience in corporate litigation. At Wagenseller Law Firm, our lawyers handle business partnership lawsuits, corporate dissolutions, breach of fiduciary duty and corporate shareholder lawsuits.

Recently we represented our client, a custom alloy wheel importer, in a corporate accounting, dissolution and breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit in the Orange County Superior Court. With our knowledge of California’s Corporation Code, our lawyers were able to get the corporate dissolution action dismissed on the first day of trial. After the first day of plaintiff’s case, plaintiff dismissed his entire case against our client and the case ended. Our client was very pleased at this successful outcome.

The thirteen causes of action were:

(1) Breach of Written Contract,
(2) Negligent Design, Construction, Management and Gross Negligence;
(3) Gross Negligence,
(4) Breach of Duty of Loyalty, Operating Agreement,
(5) Breach of Fiduciary Duties and Constructive Fraud,
(6) Accounting and Constructive Trust,
(7) Temporary Restraining Order, Injunctive Relief and Equitable Relief,
(8) Deceit,
(9) Suppression and Concealment,
(10) Negligent Misrepresentation,
(11) Breach of Fiduciary Duties & Constructive Fraud,
(12) Breach of Written Agreement, and
(13) Declaratory Relief.

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