Cases: Business Litigation and Lawsuits

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The business litigation lawyers at Wagenseller Law Firm handle business lawsuits throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Our experienced business trial attorneys can assist you with all types of business litigation disputes.  Our lawyers have handled cases spanning a variety of industries and a variety of legal theories.

A few of our successful results include:

•     Partnership Dispute:  Our attorneys orchestrated a partnership buy-out of a multi-million dollar shop at home television network.

•    Breach of Contract:  Our business lawyers represented a start-up banking software company in litigation with its former patent lawyers regarding unpaid bills and a dispute over legal services.

•  Fraudulent Conveyance and Alter Ego:  Wagenseller Law Firm was successful in having a fraudulent conveyance lawsuit against our clients dismissed.  We later won an appeal in the California Court of Appeal.

•   Family Business Litigation:  Our trial attorneys have handled numerous business litigation lawsuits among family members relating to businesses.

•  Breach of Guaranty:  Our business litigation attorneys won a trial against a lawyer who guaranteed his corporation’s mortgage on an industrial building.  The judgment totaled $500,000.

•   Corporate Litigation:  Our law firm won a writ of mandate against a limited liability company who refused to produce its financial records to our client, an investor in the company.

•   Business Arbitration:  Our business litigation lawyers won a judgment in an international business arbitration between our client, a Hong Kong based computer chip manufacturer, and a Russian based computer chip manufacturer.

•   Unpaid Invoices:  Our experienced trial attorneys pursued two large subprime mortgage lenders on behalf of our national notary services client, winning a prejudgment writ of attachment and discovery sanctions before the defendants agreed to pay the entire amount we demanded.

•   Corporate Shareholder Litigation:  The business litigation attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm represented a document storage company in litigation with former shareholders and current creditors relating to unpaid promissory notes and alleged finders’ fees.

•   Breach of Agreement:  We represented a car dealership in a breach of contract claim by a finance company.

•   Partnership Dispute:  Our partnership litigation attorneys represented a computer consultant in a partnership dissolution.

•  Restaurant Partnership Dissolution:  Our partnership litigation attorneys have represented numerous partners in restaurant partnerships which have resulted in litigation.

The Los Angeles business litigation attorneys at Wagenseller Law Firm have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.  Our business lawyers have represented clients in all types of disputes including breach of contract, partnership lawsuits, corporate litigation, business fraud, commercial litigation, vendor disputes, landlord disputes, director’s and officer’s liability,  unpaid invoices and many other business lawsuits.

For more information on your business litigation matter, please call us at (213) 286-0371 and speak to an experienced trial attorney about your situation.