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Laine T. Wagenseller

Wagenseller Law Firm specializes in Real Estate Litigation and Business Litigation in Los Angeles and Southern California. When you are facing a lawsuit or litigation, look for attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals and fight for your interests in court.

Our real estate and business litigation lawyers have extensive litigation and trial experience in a variety of real estate and business lawsuits.

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Latest News

Kushner’s Real Estate Company Faces Class Action Over Rent Payments

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of and advisor to President Trump, is facing legal troubles for his own real estate work outside of the White House. Several tenants of Baltimore properties owned by Kushner’s real estate company Westminster Management have filed a class action suit against the company, among others, based on the manner in which the company allegedly charges late fees on rent … [Read More...]

Can Non-contract Statements Be Used to Win a CA Breach of Contract Case?

In any situation where either you are contemplating a breach of contract action, or someone is threatening a breach of contract action against you, your first frame of reference is to look at what was actually in the contract. Whether you personally scrutinized every word at the time you signed it, another person looked at it on your behalf, or you scanned over it assuming that nothing in there … [Read More...]

Winning Punitive Damages in a CA Business Dispute Action

“Punitive damages” is one of those legal concepts that you certainly do not need to have gone to law school to understand. The phrase inspires lavish dreams for plaintiffs hoping to hit defendants where it hurts and collect an enormous payout in the process, and terror in defendants who understand that the entire point of punitive damages is to hit their bottom line hard enough so as to be … [Read More...]