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Laine T. Wagenseller

Laine T. Wagenseller

Wagenseller Law Firm specializes in Real Estate Litigation and Business Litigation in Los Angeles and Southern California. When you are facing a lawsuit or litigation, look for attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals and fight for your interests in court.

Our real estate and business litigation lawyers have extensive litigation and trial experience in a variety of real estate and business lawsuits.

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5 Benefits to Pursuing Mediation in Your California Partnership Dispute

Whether you and a friend started a business out of your literal or figurative garage, or you are a seasoned investor in high-stakes business dealings with other industry veterans, a partnership built on professional camaraderie and a shared vision can gradually or suddenly turn into a dispute, putting your interests and the future of the business in the crosshairs. Litigating against your … [Read More...]

When Will a Defendant in a California Breach of Contract Case Be Excused From Performing

Obviously, the whole point of a contract is that two parties are seeking security that the other party is going to do something in return for something for them. A contract is essentially a bargain: I do this thing (or don’t do this thing in some cases), and, in return, you do or do not this other thing.   When one party does not hold up its end of the bargains by refusing to perform … [Read More...]